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by Professional Matchmakers, Elizabeth Cobey-Piper and Susie Hardesty

The Truth About Online Dating is: Matchmaking is not the same as Online Dating and NOT ALL DATING SITES ARE THE SAME! As Professional Matchmakers and Dating Coaches we work personally with people, one on one to help them find that special someone in their life. Online Dating is overall a self service business, but that’s not to say Online Dating doesn’t have its place and can be a great dating tool if used wisely. We have helped hundreds of clients with all areas of dating and relationships including, being an effective Online Dater. For the best results please take the time to read our site reviews and Online Dating advice. We know that some people will not have the time to read this page and just want a professional recommendation. For this you can simply visit our top choices through the links on the right. > > >  
Recommended Sites




5. Singlesnet

Before You Get Started with Online Dating
Watch out for Fuzzy Math. Many sites advertise based on how many members they have. The fact is membership can vary geographically. Some sites may have a large overall membership but fewer people in your area. Where as some have a smaller overall membership but have more people in your area. This is why we suggest you do a search in advance of paying any fees to see how many members are in your area. Searching and Yahoo Personals is a good place to start because they have the most members. Compare other online dating sites to these two when it comes to how many members are in your area. Try out a search on your right. Search Now >>>

Remember, there are hundreds of new and free online dating sites popping up every year. It’s our opinion that some of these sites can be a good secondary choices but your primary choice should be a large, established, proven site. Our top online dating choices below are well established heavy advertisers. There is one main reason why we recommend these establish sites over new ones. It’s because lots of advertising equals lots of members and more members equals more choices for you.

One last suggestion before reading our reviews, after you have chosen your primary dating site consider joining other secondary dating sites. There are two reasons for this; 1) Get all the exposure you can, it can dramatically improve your odds of finding the right person. 2) Singing up with a smaller Niche Online Dating site in addition to a larger site could help you find someone that is a better match with your personal interests, values or ethnicity. Some types of Niche Dating sites you might also want to join are, Black Singles, Latin Singles, Christian Singles, Jewish Singles, Gay Singles, Canadian Singles and Wealthy Men.

#1 Online Dating Site
Professional Review is beyond doubt an industry leader in Online Dating. They are a leader in marketing, functionality and innovation. They have a cool, in style type of advertising that tends to attract higher quality people. Their site is simple to use yet advanced with lots of great features to explore. Our clients find it easy to navigate and your searches can be customized, which improves quickness and accuracy in finding a match. Their profiles allow for several photos, important stats on members and plenty of ways to express your individualism. Their “My Match” section, keeps your online flirting very organized, which is a real plus. One of the most important benefits of their format is that you can search their database before you pay any fees. They seem to always be inventing new ways to help you find someone. Such is the case with their newest product Chemistry uses Dr. Helen Fisher's anthropological research to create the most advanced matching system yet. Bottom line: is of course not the only game in town, but in our opinion it’s one of the best. Many of our clients have found their match on
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#2 Online Dating Site
Professional Review
  eHarmony is another top contender in online dating. I’m sure you’ve seen their commercials, they are big TV advertiser. eHarmony's approach is very different from other online dating sites. They were one of the first to delve deep into the aspect of compatibility. They have an extensive questionnaire, over 400 questions that are used to create their 29 points of compatibility. eHarmony, for our clients has been a love it or hate it process. They like idea of many points of compatibility but not when that filtering process yields too few choices. One of the positives about the eHarmony is that it takes a real commitment by someone to go through their process. Filling out the personality test along with their communication steps tends to weed out people who aren't serious about meeting someone. Many people feel that eHarmony is geared toward Christian singles; however the company does not say that. Some clients have expressed that they would like the option of being able to search the database themselves. Also, they would rather see photos upfront instead of the later, after investing time in correspondence. Check out matches for free.

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#3 Online Dating Site
Professional Review is the new rival to eHarmony. We give Chemistry and eHarmony the same rating because they are both very similar. They both have an extensive questionnaire and guided communication system. Both also deliver the matches to you, instead of you doing the searching. Where they differ is the exciting part, Chemistry uses Dr. Helen Fisher's anthropological research to find a match for you. Incorporating this real science of love into a compatibility filter should produce some interesting results. Bottom line: Chemistry has two big things going for it. First, it’s a product, big member base and good functionality. Second, it’s the new hot thing and it’s good to have your profile on the new thing everyone is trying out. Chemistry has a Meet-in-Person Promise, which would be better named 333 promise: 3 great matches in 3 months or you get 3 months free! See your matches now for free.
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#4 Online Dating Site
Professional Review
  SinglesNet is a newer site but with 14 million members is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations. Our clients like the quick sign-up, clean layout, profile structure and the larger size pictures. One of the reasons for SingleNet’s popularity is their more advanced features that include unlimited emails, compatibility matching system, chat, and webcam. They also have great member support which helps to keep members active. This site allows you to use many features as a free member, something that stands out is the fact that they let free members communicate paid members. Another thing you can do as a free member is "flirt" with other members and let them know your interested. We also really like the fact that they stand behind their product with a 100% money back guarantee. Browse SinglesNet for members in your local area.

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Online Dating Advice
Additional Dating Sites
Get Noticed. Exposure, Exposure, Exposure. You can dramatically increase your odds of finding someone by having your profile on more than one dating site. The reviews above are great choices for your primary dating service. On the right we have listed some good secondary sites to check out. >>>

Good Photos. Having a good photo is the most important factor in your online dating success. We highly recommend having your pictures professionally taken, it will set you apart from other profiles. If you are in the Columbus, Ohio area we have a great photographer you can hire.

Well Written Profile. The second most important factor is a well written profile. Try to concisely express who you are and what you want. Don’t write a novel, try to keep it short and to the point but not too short, that would appear like you don’t care. You can hire our coaches to help you write a good profile.

Get a Coach. Consider getting a dating coach, it can dramatically increase your success with online dating. Coaches can help you in writing your profile, which pictures to use and overall support in a process that can be at times be hard. We have some great coaches that are available by phone no matter where you live. Contact them now and get the support you need.

Guard your identity. Until you know you can trust the person you are e-mailing and then dating, do not make your personal information available to him/her.

Take it slowly. Online correspondence creates a feeling of intimacy very quickly. You may feel like you know someone or can trust them too soon.

People don’t always tell the truth. Just because it is in his/her profile does not mean it is the truth. The same is true for the pictures he/she has posted. Keep alert for inconsistencies. It's a good idea these days to do a background check before you start getting serious in a relationship. Records Access is a site where you can do almost any type of background check at a reasonable price.

Always meet in a public place. Until you know more about your new friend and are sure you can trust him/her only meet in a busy public place.

Tell a friend details. Make sure a friend knows when you are going on a date with someone new.

Listen to your instincts. If at any point when corresponding or dating someone new you feel pressured, decieved, uncomfortable or in danger, get out!

Have Fun. Even though you need to be careful with online dating don't forget to have fun. Try not to be only focused on the end result, if you have fun along the way dating can be alot more enjoyable.


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