DIY Matchmaking Club for Women

DIY Matchmaking Club for Women is an exclusive social club for women that focuses on friendship and fun in your search for a great guy.

We created our DIY Matchmaking Club for Women as a Matchmaking Club to help women get the most out of being single and to increase their odds of meeting great men! Our club is a lively social group with education and friendship at its core.

Benefits of membership in the DIY Matchmaking Club include:

♥ Improved odds of meeting a wonderful man—over %50 of members ended up in a relationship within the first year!

♥ Confidence

♥ Information about safe and savvy dating practices

♥ A richer social life that includes many exciting events

♥ A team of new friends

♥ Monthly education about dating

♥ A positive environment for sharing

♥ Focused intention on creating goals

♥ Support for a proactive pursuit of goals


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