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Happy Anniversary to Dating Directions Co Owner, Elizabeth and her husband John on 18 wonderful years together! ANd Happy Anniversary to Debbie and Ron Lime! 7 years perfectly matched and married!

Who's ready for tomorrow?

Ready for college football season?

View the Dispatch season preview here:

Keep an eye out for that guy or gal that keeps flashing a smile at you.. they're flirting, and they want to talk :)

CUPID ALERT: Looking for a beautiful women in her twenties to meet a very handsome successful man in his late twenties.
Please let us know if you would like to be considered for this match. If you know of someone, do your girlfriends a favor, and please pass this on to them.X

CUPID ALERT: Searching for just the right mature woman who would love to meet a tall, handsome guy who is fun, enjoys cars, volunteering and loving life. If you are in your late 50's or early 60's and active, you might be who we are searching for.

Joy ...That is what I want for my clients!
That is what I heard today when my client said to me "that her boyfriend was picking her up" suddenly her date has become her boyfriend. You gotta love that !

QUESTION: We are looking for quiet restaurants in the Greater Columbus area. We send our clients out on first dates and we want them to be able to enjoy getting to know each other over a nice meal, what are your favorite quiet spots?

Have you ever been on a date where you said to yourself... or to your matchmaker.. "I can't believe he said that!". Chances are, you've said something like this at one of your introductions as well lol. Be at our office at 6pm on Sunday August 12th for this valuable information. Learn to keep the conversation light, this will GREATLY improve your chances at it being a good first meeting. We will be sharing feedback that we've gotten over the years. You won't believe your ears! Be ready for a great class full of wisdom and hilarity :)

Give Shannon a big congratulations on her pregnancy! She's a Dating Directions success and is due soon!

Taste the Future: CSCC Culinary Gala's photo.
One of my favorite annual events Taste the Future: CSCC Culinary Gala is Tuesday, Aug. 21 from 5:30-9 p.m. at Columbus State Community College. It's about more than food; your ticket supports students. For details and to purchase tickets, go to

Congratulations and good wishes goes out to Jennifer and Tim, as well as Rhonda and Livio for their engagements over the weekend