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Everybody has a different preference on giving and receiving affection. Do you know yours? You can find out for free at

Yesterday I was talking to someone who wondered if we matched gluten free to gluten free. Today I was talking to one of my success clients and she told me that she doesn't think her and her fabulous husband are voting for the same candidate. She doesn't know for sure, they filled out their absentee ballots together but neither one of them looked at each others. She respects her husband feelings but has her own. She loves him more than she loves politics.

Great quote from Oscar Wilde " Be yourself. Everybody else is taken."

Dating Fantasies and Fairy Tales may be keeping you from Happily Ever After. DIY Members are invited to to the Dating Directions Offices for Wednsday,10/18 for this event. Your Matchmakers have a story to tell.....
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What to do if you are on a date with a male peacock.
We all want a gentleman to ask us questions and pay attention to us on a date. One of the biggest reasons guys do not get a second date is because they have talked about themselves too much and seemingly paid no attention to his date. Consider this, what do male peacocks do when they want to attract a mate? They show off their beautiful tails! In human terms that is talking about themselves, showing off their potential. So, when you find your self with a peacock, maybe give him another chance. He may be showing off his potential.

This weekend is going to be perfect for a good book! I am going to re-visit "Mars and Venus on a Date".

Don't forget to head out to our event this evening, What Not to Say on a Date! It's bound to be a great time and I'm sure I won't be the only one learning a thing or two .

Get there at 6:30 and join us for a drink before the show gets started at 7pm! We'll be at Salvi's in Dublin, 5000 Upper Metro Place.


Matchmaking Tip:
What to say to a cute guy in the check out line of the grocery store. How about "It looks like you are cooking like a bachelor" This works of course if they are buying a lot of processed food and easy to cook food. I tried this and got a conversation started with a great guy and got his phone number

Congratulations to Shannon and Corey! What a beautiful boy, Blake!

Put on some lip gloss and smile at everyone you see! The endorphins are good for you.