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Hershey's Hugs and Kisses! Hand them out liberally, especially if you have a few crushes :)

Flirting is FUN!
Flirting is GOOD FOR YOU!
Flirting takes 3 SECONDS!

A good flirt makes everyone around them feel good. Always be ready to flirt. Always enter a room flirting. Keep your head up, shoulders back, and smile! Lock your target(s) in the eye, and blink. Wait 3 seconds. Let him/ her see you SEEING THEM. Smile! Wait for your target to smile back. Look down, or look away briefly, then lock eyes again and say "Happy Valentine's Day!"

Jan 25th:

Men and women experience online dating very differently. Men typically send out hundreds of emails hoping someone will respond. Women can receive hundreds of emails a week, but respond to less than 2%. Most dating profiles are static and lack social network updates.

What is the best Valentine's gift you have every received?

I think the best Valentine's gift I ever had was waking up with my husband at midnight on a crisp, snow covered night.. in a moment of madness deciding we should go skiing at midnight. The stars were out and the snow was fresh. I don't think I've ever had a more romantic time :)

Mark your calendar! Martini's and Matchmakers, what a perfect pair! You don't have to be a millionaire, or live in a place called Love Town to have your very own matchmaker, or to even get advice from a matchmaker. Come to our Open House, Friday the 11th at 7pm, and get a tour of our office, ask questions, or ask for help! After getting to know each other, we will go next door to Oscar's for cocktails and a bite to eat :)

Be positive! Be proactive! Listen to your matchmakers, and if you don't have one, make the best decision of your life and give us a call! 614.766.DATE !

Did you see us in today's newspaper? Thanks to the Columbus Dispatch for the great article on dating. We enjoyed contributing.

Dating tip: The holidays are great time to meet someone new if you're single. Except every invitation, and find a way to start a conversation with everyone at the party. They may be the one or they may know the one;)

It's that time of year! We will be celebrating the year of friendship and love that we shared within our DIY club! It's never too late to join! Contact our office for more information!

Great Ideas For Places to Enjoy The Holidays

Cocktails at the Conservatory(Thursdays)
Wexner Center, Annie Liebowitz show(ends early December)
Zoo Lights
Gallery Hop (12/1)Support Local Art!
Holiday Classics Return to The Gateway Film Center
Columbus Museum Of Art(Free on Sundays)