This class is for the guys! How to avoid and escape the "Friend Zone"

How To Avoid and Escape The Friend Zone
Thursday, September 26th.
Encore at the Crosswoods
For more info call 614.766.3283

Drinks and Cocktails: 6:30 PM

Talk begins at 7:00 PM.

Cost: FREE

Singles Mixer After the Talk Begins At 9:15 PM; Ladies encouraged to attend - Please join us!

Many guys seem to constantly get stuck in the “friend zone.” Every guy knows the situation well. You like a girl. You do “the right things” to win her over romantically. You spend days developing the nerve to tell her how you feel…and she responds “but I only like you as a friend.” This entertaining talk explains some simple changes you can make right now, so you can start thinking and acting like someone she will date, instead of always ending up “just a friend.”
The talk is for guys only, and will be just as fun and informative as the last one, "Advanced Body Language For Business and Dating." The feedback for that talk was excellent:

• "I was impressed and think it is so cool that brothers get to do what [the presenters David and Jonathan] do together. I was reminded of a couple of things in relationship to how I carry myself, and how I can become lazy. Great job and looking forward to the next class!" - Mike G.

• "I learned a lot of great things tonight. And, your book (Be Popular Now: How Any Man Can Become Confident, Attractive, and Successful (and Have Fun Doing It) should be required reading for every male high school senior. It has changed my life already, after reading just the first few chapters." - Mike Y.

This talk is brought to you by The Popular Man and Affinity Matchmaking.

Drinks and food will be available for purchase in the fun and relaxed atmosphere of Encore.
Due to popular demand, we are inviting ladies to join the guys in an after-talk singles mixer at 9:15 PM (at same location). So ladies, please RSVP and stop by starting at 9:15!!